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Spring 2013

Young Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein aims to fulfill his grandfather's legacy by bringing a corpse back to life. With help and hindrance from servant Igor, buxom assistant Inga and needy fiancée Elizabeth, his experiment yields success and unexpected consequences.

Director: Pat Concilio
Assist. Dir.: John Leonard
Musical Director: Janine Thwaite
Choreographer: Debbie Mellone


Dr. Frederick FrankensteinJim DeBlasi
IgorDan Allen
MonsterDoug Bagnasco
IngaStephanie Allen
Elizabeth BenningJesse Reing
Frau BleucherMargaret Favilla
Inspector KempDavid Lowell
The HermitJoanie Varela
Dr. Victor Von FrankensteinCharlie Giacomo
ZiggyJohn Leonard
StewardSteven Schera
EnsembleAlan Calabrese
Charlie Giacomo
Charlie Giacomo, Jr.
Ausilia Grabowiecki
John Leonard
David Lowell
Sue Maise
Lillian Melchner
Debbie Mellone
Ellen Reing
Steven Schera
Joanie Varela

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