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Meet Me in St. Louis

Fall 2005

Songs by Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Property of Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Show synopsis

This rarely seen musical boasts such vocal favorites as "Meet me In St. Louis," "The Trolley Song," & "White Christmas."  The show begins a whole summer before the World's Fair is scheduled open in St. Louis, and the four Smith sisters can hardly wait for the big event.  But as the seasons melt from autumn to Christmas in the Smith's idyllic suburban neighborhood, the family learns they are moving to New York. The girls must leave behind friends, beau's, and all their dreams of celebrating the long-anticipated opening of the 1904 World's Fair.  Inspired by "The Kensington Stories," written by Sally Benson, Meet Me in St. Louis was a 1944 award winning movie, starring Judy Garland, before becoming a smash Broadway hit.


Mr. Alonso SmithEd Scrocca
Mrs. Anna SmithJoanne Singer
Lon SmithJohn Abercrombie
Rose SmithChrissy Phillips
Esther SmithVanessa Grasso
Agnes SmithHaley Jane Rose
Tootie SmithKimberly Monteferante
Grandpa ProphaterJoel Karpoof
Katie, their maidMargaret Favilla
John TruittDan Allen
Warren SheffieldDavid Lowell
Lucille BallardDawn Zangerle
EveLauretta LaPeter
Postman, Peewee DrummondPaul McGrath
Motorman, Clinton BadgerEmerito Medalla
Sidney PurvisJohn T. Leonard


Alan Calabrese, Edith DeCarmine, Jessica Ford, Ausilia Grabowiecki, Michelle Grasso, Michael Hallinan, John T. Leonard, Michele Marinace, Paul McGrath, Emerito Medalla, Lillian Melchner, Michael Moskowitz, Paula Santacroce, Erin Scrocca, Dawn Zangerle

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